Frequently Asked Investors' Questions

Where is General Mills’ headquarters?

General Mills’ worldwide corporate headquarters is at: 
Number One General Mills Boulevard
Minneapolis, MN 55426
Phone: 763-764-7600

When does the company’s fiscal year end?

Our fiscal year ends on the last Sunday in May.

On what exchanges is the company listed and what is your ticker symbol?

General Mills is traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Our ticker is GIS. 

When was the company incorporated?

General Mills was incorporated on June 20, 1928, in the state of Delaware.

How many employees does General Mills have?

We have approximately 38,000 full and part-time employees around the world.

Who is the transfer agent?

Equiniti Trust Company
1110 Centre Point Curve 
Mendota Heights, MN 55120-4100 
To send an e-mail to Equiniti, click here.
Account access via Web site: 
Ticker Symbol: GIS

Can I purchase General Mills stock directly from the company?

Yes. Through our Direct Stock Purchase Plan, you can invest in General Mills common stock without having to pay brokerage fees or commissions on the purchase. This plan also allows you to automatically reinvest all or a percentage of your cash dividends to acquire additional shares of General Mills stock. There is a one-time $15 enrollment fee and a $250 minimum initial investment if you do not already own any General Mills stock. For a prospectus and for information on how to enroll, see our Direct Stock Purchase Plan page.

Do you issue preferred stock?

No. We only issue common stock.

Do you have a Dividend Reinvestment Plan?

Our dividend reinvestment plan is a part of our Direct Stock Purchase Plan. See our Direct Stock Purchase Plan page for more information.

Can I have my dividends deposited directly?

Yes. Stockholders may have dividends electronically deposited directly into their checking or savings account. Contact our transfer agent, EQ Shareowner Services, and they will send you an enrollment form.

When do you typically pay dividends?

General Mills’ quarterly dividends on common stock are paid on or about the first business day of February, May, August and November.  We have paid dividends for 119 years. For specific payout information, see our Dividends and stock splits page.

What are the dates of the company's stock splits and spinoffs?
June 8, 2010 2 for 1 split
November 8, 1999 2 for 1 split
May 28, 1995 Spinoff
1 share Darden Restaurants, Inc. for
1 share of General Mills
November 7, 1990 2 for 1 split
November 7, 1986 2 for 1 split
November 7, 1985 Spinoff
0.3 share of Kenner Parker Toys Inc. and
0.2 share of Crystal Brands Inc. for
1 share of General Mills
October 10, 1975 2 for 1 split
August 31, 1967 2 for 1 split
August 28, 1959 3 for 1 split
August 21, 1945     3 for 1 split


What is the allocation for the Crystal Brands and Kenner Parker Toys spinoff in November 1985?

85.4956% goes with your General Mills shares, 8.2612% goes with Kenner Parker Toys shares and 6.2432% goes with Crystal Brands shares.

What is the allocation for the Darden Restaurants spin-off in May 1995?

82.65% stays with your General Mills shares and 17.35% goes with Darden Restaurants shares.

Who can answer my questions about stockholder records, stock transfers and changes of ownership and address?

You may contact our transfer agent, Equiniti Trust Company, to receive this information.
EQ Shareowner Services
1110 Centre Point Curve 
Mendota Heights, MN 55120-4100 
To send an e-mail, go to and click on Contact Shareowner Services.

Who do I contact to receive company reports or to ask questions about the company?

To request company reports or to submit a question to Investor Relations, please see our Information Request page.

Can I receive copies of your annual report and proxy statement electronically?

Yes. Current shareholders can save the company postage, printing expenses and conserve natural resources by consenting to receive their proxy statement, annual report and related materials via the Internet. To sign up for electronic delivery, go to

When does your annual shareholders’ meeting take place?

General Mills’ annual shareholders’ meeting is typically held on the fourth Tuesday in September. We provide the specific date, time and location for each year’s meeting in our annual proxy statement.

How do I get information about your quarterly business results?

Every quarter, we issue a press release of our business results for that quarter. Those press releases are available on the Financial News Releases page of In addition, we web cast our quarterly results. Quarterly web casts for the most current 12 months are available on our Events and Presentations web page.

How and when can I order a Holiday Gift Box?

Holiday Gift Boxes are available for ordering after October 15th. They can be ordered online at

Do you have a question for Investor Relations that hasn’t been answered above?

You can submit a question to Investor Relations, as well as request a copy of our annual report and proxy statement, through our Information Request page.

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