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Direct Stock Purchase Plan

Our Direct Stock Purchase Plan provides a convenient and economical way to invest in General Mills stock. You can increase your ownership over time through purchases of common stock and the reinvestment of cash dividends, without paying brokerage commissions and other fees on your purchases and reinvestments.

Plan features include:

  • Initial investment - If you are not currently a shareholder, you must make an initial investment in our common stock of at least $250, or five $50 investments for five months.
  • Optional cash investments - You may make optional cash investments of at least $50 up to a maximum of $250,000 per calendar year to purchase additional shares of stock. Optional cash investments may be made by check or by monthly automatic withdrawal from your bank account.
  • Automatic dividend reinvestment - You also can increase your stock holdings through automatic reinvestment of your cash dividends. You can elect to reinvest all or a percentage of your dividends into additional shares of common stock.
  • Automated transactions - You can execute certain plan transactions online or by phone by establishing automated privileges for your account.
  • Share safekeeping - You can deposit your common stock certificates for safekeeping by the plan administrator, regardless of whether or not the shares were issued under this plan. There is no cost to you for this service.
  • Fees - There is a one-time enrollment fee of $15 for new investors. There is no enrollment fee for current shareholders transferring shares into the plan. General Mills pays all brokerage commissions and other fees on: stock purchases, including your initial purchase; stock transfer; dividend reinvestments; and dividend payments. You pay brokerage commissions and other fees on stock sales.

For Questions or to Enroll

Contact Broadridge Shareholder Services, our transfer agent, at its website: Shareholder Online, or call 1-800-670-4763.

Investing in General Mills common stock involves certain risks. Please review the risk factors and terms described in the plan prospectus completely before making an investment decision.